Personalized Interactive AI Videos

Combining the Engagement of Video with the power of Personalization delivers motion, audio and life to your customer experience.

Personalized Interactive Video delivers powerful, relevant experiences throughout the engagement cycle.

These rich media messages, including personalized motion graphics, text, audio, video clips, and interactive elements, provide each viewer with a truly unique, one-to-one experience. Whether your content is created on the fly using built-in Generative AI capabilities, or pre-developed, PersoniCom turns video-powered communications into relevant and actionable interactions – enabling customer engagement on a highly personal level.

Utilizing a highly scalable, secure cloud architecture, PersoniCom is capable of generating and delivering hundreds of millions of secure messages each day across a variety of mediums and target devices.

Regardless of industry, Personalized Interactive Videos have a proven track record of boosting engagement, improving customer retention, reducing inbound call volumes and maximizing ROI.