Personalized Animated GIFs and Images

Proven to improve click-rates by as much as 3x, personalized, animated GIF images grab attention with data specific to each recipient. Like a “mini-personalized video,” these graphics can incorporate multiple variable data  elements and click-through opportunities. Whether you’re looking to drive traffic to full personalized videos or simply lead viewers to relevant content elsewhere, these powerful little images truly deliver!

PersoniCom personalized GIFs are optimized for fast downloads and immediate streaming, making them ideal for inclusion in outbound email campaigns and customer portals. The  platform can create tens of millions of these graphics per day, scaling to meet even the largest program demands.

Personalized Animated GIFs are highly affordable, providing impressive ROI.

How affordable? Well, PersoniCom includes Personalized, Animated GIF files for FREE with every full personalized video rendered. Platform subscribers receive an unlimited number of these personalized graphic files using video frames from personalized, interactive videos.

Customers who don’t need full personalized, interactive videos can still leverage the power of these Personalized, Animated GIF files for a fraction of the cost. GIFs are perfect for outbound email campaigns or personal landing pages, dramatically improving response rates with content tailored to each recipient.