Insurance and Financial Services firms need to communicate detailed information and options to customers on a regular basis. PersoniCom Variable Video and Voice solutions enable leading organizations to deliver such messages in a timely manner, using the voice, video or image of each individual Agent or Broker if desired, to provide each customer with the information they are legally required to receive. Communicating updated Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), monthly statements details, or walking insureds and clients through the onboarding process, all become greatly simplified with PersoniCom. Naturally, this leads to higher Net Promoter Scores and dramatic reductions of inbound customer service calls.

Some usage examples of PersoniCom programs for Insurance and Financial Services include:

A large online financial brokerage firm delivers PersoniCom videos to clients, explaining the details of annual tax statements, such as 1099s, 5498s, 2439s and 1042s. What is the difference between qualified and non-qualified dividends? What is a capital gain distribution on a mutual fund, and why is my amount so high this year? What is the distribution code contained in Box 7 of Form 1099-R mean? PersoniCom allows brokerage firms to proactively address statement questions, unique to each customer’s situation – and the actual numerical values in each client’s annual tax forms – dramatically reducing customer support costs during tax season, while improving customer satisfaction.
An insurance company sends a weekly, informational email to all auto insurance customers who have registered to receive such messages. Each email contains an invitation to view a customized video on various topics. Upon clicking the link in the message, the PersoniCom application is launched on the insurance company’s website and a variable video message is displayed with content targeted to the individual customer.
A financial services firm sends informational telephone messages to customers who have upcoming, required actions – such as taking a distribution from an IRA account by a particular date. The messages are personalized for each customer based on their specific account holdings and delivered in the voice of their own financial services representative.
An investor is visiting a financial service provider website, conducting research on several long-term growth strategies. After completing a brief personalized questionnaire, a PersoniCom video is created explaining the pros and cons of several specific investment vehicles.
An insurance company sends informational Variable Voice telephone messages to all property insurance customers who are scheduled to have a home appraisal conducted by a third party. The messages are personalized for each customer based on their name and specific coverage and delivered in the voice of their own insurance agent.