Variable Data Media has always been about providing the right information to the right person at the right time. In Healthcare, this is more critical now than ever before. Each patient has an urgent need to get the correct information regarding their care, their health insurance coverage options and their overall wellness. Rich media – such as video and audio presentations, together with detailed graphics, text and images – provides a simple, streamlined means to communicate complex healthcare information. More importantly, PersoniCom presents this information in a manner which will actually be viewed by each recipient, and provides proof that the materials were viewed – which is often a requirement for providers to receive reimbursement from Medicare and others.

Some usage examples of PersoniCom Healthcare Messaging include:

A benefits consulting firm provides a PersoniCom Variable Video portal solution to corporate clients to assist in explaining Affordable Care Act options to employees. Each individual video is unique, pulling information on each employee including earnings, age, current health plan, and number of dependents – and coverts more than 9,000 pages of legislation into a personalized video message under 10 minutes in duration. Additional information, such as smoking habits and spousal coverage, can be entered into the portal by the employee. The PersoniCom video application displays a seamless, engaging informational message to each employee helping them understand their options under the ACA and assists in making the best coverage decisions.
A leading medical billing statement provider deploys Video Bills, powered by PersoniCom, to deliver patient statements. The interactive variable videos reduce the complexity of patient statements by including line item details, detailed procedure explanations, insurance paid amounts, patient balances and due dates, allowing physician groups, hospitals and practices to proactively explain charges to each patient via this straight-forward, personalized experience. The outcome is reduced patient billing support costs, together with improved customer satisfaction and a reduction in bill payment delinquencies.
Envisicare Patient Specific Education, powered by PersoniCom, allows medical practices and physicians to prescribe condition-specific videos to individual patients following office visits. The secure application enables patients to view prescribed educational videos at their convenience on any device, through an engaging, highly personalized rich media experience. Detailed analytics allow physicians to see video viewing statistics and determine next steps for each patient.
A hospital provides an option for patients to request daily reminder telephone messages following a surgical procedure. Each day for the next week, variable voice messages are delivered with specific instructions based on each patient’s procedure, medications, health history and current conditions. The messages include an option to “Press 1 to speak with the hospital now” should the patient have urgent questions or concerns, or “Press 2 to have your physician call you back.”
A large county deploys a PersoniCom Healthcare Portal for use in communicating complex healthcare issues to citizens in a simple, understandable and efficient manner. Citizens can enter their own information and select from available options to create a personally unique video assisting them with options and individual decision making for public health, behavioral health and public assistance programs.