PersoniCom Variable Media messages are a great solution for consumer products marketing organizations to power informational, entertaining and viral message campaigns.

Some usage examples of PersoniCom Consumer Products Messaging include:

A nutritional supplement company launches a PersoniCom Variable Video campaign on the Facebook platform featuring an athlete ambassador, explaining the benefits of the products on her performance. The campaign features personalized videos based on each viewer’s name, sport, state of residence and Facebook “Friend’s” name. Each viewer is offered the opportunity to forward the video to additional Facebook “Friends,” who receive the video, customized based on their own information.
A large beverage company launches a PersoniCom Variable Voice campaign encouraging consumers to text their name to a short code. Each consumer then receives a return text message with a URL to play a personalized voice message from the beverage company’s celebrity endorser.
A marketer of toothpaste and oral hygiene products launches a PersoniCom Variable Video campaign on their Facebook page, allowing visitors to create and forward personalized video messages to their Facebook “Friends” featuring photos of each friend modified to show how they would look after using the products. The campaign is highly entertaining, interactive and viral.