PersoniCom Technology Suite

PersoniCom encompasses a suite of revolutionary, award winning, patented components. Unlike many competitors in the personalized video space, PersoniCom utilizes our own proprietary platform to produce variable media communications. The PersoniCom system has been built over the past decade to be the most efficient, powerful video and audio rendering engine in the world. Rather than relying on third-party “spreadsheet to video” technologies, all PersoniCom programs are generated from our own highly scalable, secure personalized, interactive video platform. We maintain complete control over our code base, data routines and rendering processes. The result is the highest quality video solutions for our customers at the lowest costs in the industry. Utilizing a highly scalable, secure cloud architecture, PersoniCom is capable of generating and delivering hundreds of millions of secure messages each day across a variety of mediums and target devices.

PersoniCom Platform Features


Advanced Personalized Voice

Full variable voice capabilities to address each recipient directly

One-to-One Personalized Video Creation at Massive Scale

Create millions of unique videos at any time

PersoniCom API v3

Seamless systems integration for on-demand applications, utilizing standard HTTP REST protocols

On-Demand Single Video Creation

Simple input forms allow for immediate generation of one-off videos

Batch Upload to Render Functions

Mass video render capabilities based on automatic or manual list uploads

Custom Branded Video Player and Landing Pages

Corporate or Agency level branding directly on the video player and/or landing page. Colors, logos, fonts and more.

Personalized Poster Images and Animated GIF Thumbnails

Dramatically increase email click-through rates by using personalized images in the messages

Embed Code to Play Videos on Your Own Secure Website

Maintain 100% control the user experience by embedding video players directly in your site. Each personalized video plays within your website!

Variable Video Scenes Per Viewer

Personalize videos with unique background scenes, depending on the viewer

Email Campaign Automation

Ability to send emails via PersoniCom or instead receive URLs for merging into your own email campaign platform

Fully Programmable, Animated Interactivity

PersoniCom supports interactivity directly within the video experience - especially important for videos played on mobile devices in full-screen mode. Links, buttons, forms and more!

Video Sharing to Social Media

Video player supports downloads, emailing and sharing of videos to social media platforms

Secure Customer Portals

Create individual videos, upload lists for bulk renders and view detailed analytics on your video campaigns

Custom Requirements

Have specific needs for systems integration, security, reporting or other features? Our rocket science development team can make it happen!

Professional Services

Founded in 2003, PersoniCom has delivered personalized, interactive audio and video messaging solutions for Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, political organizations and governmental agencies for almost two decades. We are the longest continuously operating provider of personalized media communications in the world. Our professional team brings decades of experience in designing, constructing and delivering personalized rich media communications solutions and provides solution expertise in all critical project management, creative and technical areas.

You can be confident that our team will provide the utmost professional service and dedication to the ongoing success of each client project, and that our professionals at every level of the company will stand behind our solution. PersoniCom offers unmatched technical proficiency in the industry, having deep experience with secure, complex database systems for financial services and insurance clients.

Video Scripting, Production and Editing


User Interface Design


High Capacity Media Rendering


System Development and Database Integration


Advanced Security and Analytics


I had no idea how easy it would be to engage and thank our generous donors until I started working with PersoniCom! The personalization and customization techniques are far beyond what I thought was even possible. The delivery rates are much higher than expected with accurate and usable back-end reporting regarding the disposition of each communication.

Ken Petterson - Sr. VP Donor Engagement and Philanthropy - United Breast Cancer Foundation

The Lift Factor partnered with PersoniCom to develop personalized audio and video messages that were delivered by e-mail and direct mail. This technology helped us get the attention of our audience and drove a conversion rate which was the highest of all tactics used in the campaign. PersoniCom technology was easy to implement, cost effective and helped us improve the ROI of our campaign.

Kevin Gilligan - Heavy Lifter Sales & Marketing - The Lift Factor

For us, PersoniCom truly represents the next generation in commercial advertising. The team is incredibly talented and the PersoniCom programs have allowed us to introduce our products to an entire new audience with micro-targeted messages.

Brian Tuffin - CEO - Fuse Science

McGohan Brabender corporate clients today rely on PersoniCom variable video technology to communicate extremely complex Affordable Care Act messaging to their employees. Since 1972, we have successfully assisted our clients with the design, implementation and communication of benefits programs. Nothing has achieved this more effectively than PersoniCom variable video messaging

Dave Homan - McGohan Brabender

Our most important constituents are NFIB members. PersoniCom Variable Media Messaging enables our organization to deliver important issue and election alerts in a very personalized and timely manner. At times when political calls clutter up answering machines, PersoniCom messages get through to our members.

Lisa Goeas - National Federation of Independent Businesses

Your Message on Any Screen. PersoniCom is Fully Responsive and Device Compliant!

We Are Innovators. We Are Problem Solvers. We Are PersoniCom.

We are always listening to customers to learn how we can improve the PersoniCom technology suite. The functionality developed over the past decade is the result of unique customer requirements and ideas. Your insights are invaluable.

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