Combining the brightest minds and video platforms in the higher education and corporate sectors, have come together to provide one game-changing solution – PIVOT 2.0. BrandIQ Creative and PersoniCom have partnered to deliver the highest quality personalized video solutions for the higher education market at the lowest costs in the industry. The PIVOT 2.0 platform lets you change text, images, audio, skip sections, reorder sections, and much more. Enabling powerful engagement throughout the communications cycle, PIVOT has been successfully deployed for recruitment, admissions, orientation, graduation, alumni outreach and hiring for over 25 leading universities. Utilizing a highly scalable, secure cloud architecture, PIVOT is capable of generating and delivering millions of secure messages each day across a variety of mediums and target devices. The technology is great, the videos are cool, but the results are downright amazing!

PIVOT Platform Features


Advanced Personalized Voice

Full variable voice capabilities to address each recipient directly, communicate numbers, dates and other personalized elements as spoken voice content - available in multiple languages.

One-to-One Personalized Video Creation at Scale

Ability to create millions of unique videos per day. This allows you to send at any schedule that works best with your acceptance dates and communication plan.

On-Demand Single Video Creation

Simple input forms allow for immediate generation of one-off videos.

Batch Upload to Render Functions

Mass video render capabilities based on automatic or manual list uploads to secure FTP folders.

Custom Branded Video Player and Landing Pages

Institutional level branding directly on the video player and/or landing page. Colors, logos, contact information, fonts, buttons and more. Landing pages provide call-to-action buttons & links to foster engagement.

Personalized Poster Images and Animated GIF Thumbnails

Dramatically increase email click-through rates by using personalized images in outgoing email messages.

Embed Code to Play Videos on Your Own Secure Website

Option to maintain 100% control of the user experience by embedding video players directly in your site. Each personalized video plays within your own website.

Variable Video Scenes Per Viewer

Personalize each video with unique background scenes, segments or color palettes.

Email Campaign Automation

Allows us to send emails on your behalf or provide you with the ability to use your own communications platform.

Fully Programmable, Animated Interactivity

Supports interactivity directly within the video experience - especially important for videos played on mobile devices in full-screen mode. Links, buttons, forms and more.

Video Sharing to Social Media

Video player supports downloads, emailing and direct sharing of videos to social media platforms.

Advanced Analytics

View campaign and individual video results, including opens, views and clicks by timelines and geographic location.

Secure Customer Portals

Select or enter variable data elements to create individual videos, upload lists for bulk renders and view real-time data analytics.

Custom Requirements

Have specific needs for systems integration, security, reporting or other features? Our in-house development team can make it happen.

Security and Reliability

Industry-leading standards ensure a solid foundation in infrastructure and operational protection. Advanced threat protection, continuous monitoring, testing and auditing safeguard your data from both known and emerging risks while delivering a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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