Personalized Video at Scale

Data Driven Interactions for the Enterprise
Amplify engagement with AI-powered, personalized interactive media.

Brand IQ Creative + PersoniCom

Advanced Personalized Communications for Higher Ed
PIVOT 2.0.



Massive Data Sets and Complex Variables

To your audience, choosing the best option is critical.
How do you communicate the right information to the right person
at the best time to help them take the correct action step?

Leave the Technical Stuff to Us

PersoniCom manages all of the complexities
associated with data, interfaces, device compliance
and system integration. The end result is simple.


This is PersoniCom

Each customer is an individual.
Speak to them personally.
One-to-one, interactive media communications.


Personalized Interactive Video delivers powerful, relevant experiences throughout the engagement cycle.

Engaging Content

Utilize data points specific to each viewer to provide a personalized, relevant onboarding process.

Emotional Connections

Deliver video touch points that surprise and wow your audience

Impressive Results

In-video interactive elements allow for direct conversion.

Highly Scalable

PersoniCom's OnDemand Video Engine allows for infinite scalability to deliver the right content at the right time to any number of recipients.