The PersoniCom Personalized Interactive Video solution converts your viewers into active participants through engaging, highly personalized interactions – at any time and on any device. These rich media messages, including personalized motion graphics, buttons, data entry capabilities and drop down selections, can be created in real time, simply by passing web service requests to the PersoniCom Web Services Delivery Engine, or integrating with social media platforms. Alternatively, PersoniCom Interactive Videos can be pre-created for each recipient and delivered using eVideo URLs for the collection of survey responses or other viewer feedback.

Some usage examples of the PersoniCom Interactive Video platform include:

A large mortgage lender deploys a PersoniCom Interactive Video on its website allowing visitors to enter specific information about a potential loan. The interactive video guides the viewer through a series of questions and presents a personalized loan quote, which leads to an online loan application and/or direct contact with a mortgage loan specialist for follow-up.
A benefits management company launches a PersoniCom Interactive Video program to explain health insurance options to employees of a large customer account. The personalized, variable video provides a basic overview of plan options and then collects specific information from each employee, including age, marital status, number and age of dependents, salary and tobacco use. Based on known and entered information a specific health plan and is recommended to the viewer, including cost estimates and the ability to enroll in real-time.
A county Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services board deploys a PersoniCom Interactive Video to direct individuals to the most appropriate treatment providers, based on viewer selections made throughout the video. The program promotes wellness and recovery that reinforces and sustains healthy individuals, families, and communities.
A national political organization utilizes a PersoniCom Interactive Video program to collect voter opinions on pressing campaign issues, based on each viewer’s location and demographic information. Unlike traditional “Voter ID” programs, the PersoniCom video presents detailed program reporting not only to the political organization, but also to the viewer, enabling them to see real-time how other voters in their area are feeling about hot-button issues.