Donors are a popular bunch, often bombarded by requests from a wide range of charities and causes. What causes them to say “Yes”? Leveraging variable messaging from PersoniCom, leading charitable organizations are able to cut through the noise and reach each donor with a message that resonates personally. What specifically did my donation do to help last time? What individual family will benefit when I give? Provide answers with PersoniCom, and help donors make the right decision.

Some usage examples of PersoniCom Charitable Organization Messaging include:

A worldwide charity focused on empowering youth sends a PersoniCom eVideo Messaging campaign to past donors. The video message features a prominent celebrity addressing each donor by name, and explaining the impact of their last gift.
An international relief organization responding to those in need following major disasters sends out an urgent PersoniCom Variable eVideo program, together with an On-Demand Variable Video program, soliciting donations. Donors are addressed by name by a well known spokesperson and encouraged to give, and ask others to give to help support a large community in desperate need of emergency funds.
A nationwide religious organization delivers PersoniCom Variable Voice messages to members across the country, encouraging them to donate to an annual campaign. Each message is targeted based on the member’s family status, nearest church location, and interest areas within the congregation.