Voters are a lot like customers. In order to keep them interested and help them make the right decisions, you need to connect personally. PersoniCom has been used by political organizations at all levels to deliver highly targeted, personalized messages to each household, donor and voter that needs to act. Election times are hectic and the messaging landscape is cluttered with endless political TV ads, mailers and robo-calls. Only PersoniCom delivers information that is truly relevant to each recipient, leading to listen rates, view rates and response rates that create a proven path to victory.

Some usage examples of PersoniCom Political Messaging include:

A United States Congressional Candidate launches a PersoniCom Variable Video program on his campaign website and Facebook page. Each video is targeted for the individual voter, including topics that are most likely to resonate with them personally. The program allows viewers to pass on the video to other individuals, and select the issues and characteristics that are most important.
A national party organization sends PersoniCom eVoice Messages to past donors. Each message, in the voice of the party Chairman, greets the donor by name and reminds them of the amounts they have given in the past. Donors are updated on issues most important to them and offered the opportunity to donate with a single button click.
A United States Presidential candidate utilizes a PersoniCom Interactive Video program to collect voter opinions on pressing campaign issues, based on each viewer’s location and demographic information. Unlike traditional “Voter ID” programs, the PersoniCom video presents detailed program reporting not only to the campaign organization, but also to the viewer, enabling them to see real-time how other voters in their area are feeling about hot-button issues.
A national political organization is striving to get the vote out. PersoniCom Variable Voice Messages greet voters by name and direct them about times and dates to vote early, absentee voting instructions or election day polling location details.