PersoniCom Variable Media messages cut through the clutter of traditional online ads. They bring new energy to agencies looking for better strategies to help their clients grow. Leveraging available profile information from logged-in site visitors, social media users or existing customers, PersoniCom messages grab attention and drive consumers to action.

Some usage examples of PersoniCom Advertising and Media Messaging include:

A corporate advertisement on the Facebook network entices users to view an interesting video. Upon clicking the advertisement, the user is prompted to allow basic profile permissions and is immediately presented with a highly personalized entertaining video. At the end of the message, the user is prompted to “Share with Friends” and allowed to select individuals to receive the campaign.
A leading interactive advertising agency utilizes a PersoniCom Variable eVideo message campaign to invite existing and prospective clients to attend an online webinar featuring the firm’s newest solutions.
An advertiser creates an online advertisement which is displayed on a wide range of news media sites which leverage Facebook log-ins for their own site credentials. Upon clicking the advertisement, the visitor is presented with a PersoniCom Variable Video message tailored to the visitor based on known profile demographics such as age, hometown, gender and marital status.