Increase Response Rates

Why use Variable Media Communications in your messaging?
Boost response rates up to 78% by speaking directly to each recipient.

Some Rely on Outdated Strategies

and a one-fits-all, shot-gun approach to messaging campaigns.

In Fact, Your Audience is Most Responsive

when your message targets them personally.

Massive Data Sets and Complex Variables

To your audience, choosing the best option is critical.
How do you communicate the right information to the right person
at the best time to help them take the correct action step?

Leave the Technical Stuff to Us

PersoniCom manages all of the complexities
associated with data, interfaces, device compliance
and system integration. The end result is simple.

True Interactivity

Tell me, and I'll forget
Show me, I might remember
Involve me, and I'll understand.

Advanced Targeting
Rich Media

This is PersoniCom

Each customer is an individual.
Speak to them personally.
One-to-one, variable media communications.