PersoniCom Variable Voice Samples

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Web Delivered Variable Voice Samples

PersoniCom Variable Voice messages are played over the web to PCs, smartphones, tablets any other Internet-connected device. Voice messages are triggered by website events such as clicking a “Submit” button, sending a text message to a short code, or clicking on an “eVoice” URL in an email message. The personalized message immediately streams to the target device, which can even include video monitors in live events and exhibition halls.

 Variable Voice Telephone Messages

Whether it be an “event-driven” telephone message pushed out to individual consumers based on a website button clicks, text messages to short codes, or a mass broadcast to tens of millions of opt-in recipients, PersoniCom Telephone Messages deliver highly targeted and personalized voice messages. Each message is created on the fly, and delivers specific message content based on each answer environment – whether it be a live answer at home, a telephone answer in a noisy environment or a voice mail system. Messages can be delivered to an extremely high-volume of telephone devices based on a schedule that you define.