Personalized, Variable Voice™ telephone messages are delivered with specific message content based on each answer environment, such as a live answer at home, a telephone answer in a noisy environment or a voice mail system. Telephone messages can be delivered to an extremely high-volume of telephone devices based on a schedule that you define. Whether it be an “event-driven” telephone message sent to individual consumers based on a website button click, or a mass broadcast to tens of millions of opt-in recipients, PersoniCom Telephone Messages deliver content that is targeted and personalized to each individual recipient.

Some usage examples of PersoniCom Variable Voice™ Telephone Messages include:

A financial services firm sends informational telephone messages to customers who have upcoming, required actions – such as taking a distribution from an IRA account by a particular date. The messages are personalized for each customer based on their specific account holdings and delivered in the voice of their own financial services representative.
A patient requests daily reminder telephone messages after checking out of a hospital following a surgical procedure. Each day for the next week, variable voice messages are delivered with specific instructions based on each patient’s procedure, medications, health history and current conditions. The messages include an option to “Press 1 to speak with the hospital now” should the patient have urgent questions or concerns, or “Press 2 to have your physician call you back.”
A United States Congressman sends out “reminder to vote” calls prior to an upcoming election. Each personalized voice message includes the voter’s nearest polling location based on their street address, as well as updates on the issues most likely to be relevant to the voter’s household based on data such as age, geography or voting history.