The PersoniCom On-Demand Messaging solution allows for the integration of variable media messaging into existing workflows. Highly targeted and personalized rich media messages are created at any time, simply by passing web service requests to the PersoniCom Web Services Delivery Engine. Our Web Services Plug-in is cross-platform and can be easily integrated into almost any website or application.

Some usage examples of PersoniCom On-Demand Messaging include:

Any website event, such as completing an online purchase process, causes the website to pass consumer-specific information to PersoniCom via web-services. An on-demand video message is immediately created and streamed to the consumer, containing information specific to the purchase, thanking them for their business or recommending additional targeted products.
A cable TV, telephone and Internet service provider allows logged-in customers to view video billing statements powered by PersoniCom. The variable videos include customer balances, due dates and other account details, allowing the carrier to proactively explain charges to each subscriber via this straight-forward, personalized experience. The outcome is reduced customer support costs and customer churn, together with improved customer satisfaction and opportunities to sell in additional features and services.
A streaming music service utilizes listen history, IP-based geography and known demographics about a subscriber to pass data elements to PersoniCom via web-services. A variable voice advertisement is immediately created and streamed to the subscriber, with a targeted offering designed to grab the listener’s attention.
An investor is visiting a financial service provider website, conducting research on several long-term growth strategies. After completing a brief questionnaire, a variable video message is created explaining the pros and cons of several specific investment vehicles.

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