PersoniCom eVideo and eVoice Messages are delivered as URLs embedded in email or text messages. Links are pre-created based on profile data specific to the recipient contained in corporate databases, acquired lists or any other data source.

Some usage examples of PersoniCom eVideo and eVoice Messaging include:

An insurance company sends a weekly informational email to all auto insurance customers who have registered to receive such messages. Each email contains an invitation to view a customized video on various topics. Upon clicking the link in the message, the PersoniCom application is launched on the insurance company’s website and a variable video message is displayed with content targeted to the individual customer.
A cable TV, telephone and Internet service provider sends monthly emails to customers, allowing them to view video billing statements powered by PersoniCom. The variable videos include customer balances, due dates and other account details, allowing the carrier to proactively explain charges to each subscriber via this straight-forward, personalized experience. The outcome is reduced customer support costs and customer churn, together with improved customer satisfaction and opportunities to sell in additional features and services.
A local newspaper sends text messages to subscribing readers containing URLs to replay video highlights of university sporting events. Upon clicking the link, the mobile phone displays a video with a pre-roll video advertisement targeted to the individual viewer, followed by the clip of the sports highlight.
A charitable organization sends periodic emails to donors. Each message includes a link to view a video providing updates on specific causes which are of interest to that donor.
A large corporation distributes internal monthly email updates to each employee from the CEO. Each message includes a link to view a video personalized to each employee based on their name, division, department and communicates company highlights most relevant to them.