PersoniCom Variable Video Samples

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Full Motion Variable Video

PersoniCom Full Motion Variable Videos utilize video shoots much like a television commercial to capture all of the required video segments. Following post-production and video editing, video content is ready to be delivered on-demand to the Media Concatenation Services to produce incredibly seamless, targeted and personalized videos featuring real-life characters such as corporate spokespeople, celebrities, athletes or executives.

Personalized Interactive Video

Interactive video technology allows for buttons, data entry capabilities and drop down selections – all directly within the video itself. PersoniCom Interactive Videos allow for the collection of real-time user feedback and data, ultimately converting your viewers into active participants through engaging, highly personalized interactions – at any time and on any device.


Variable Voice Over Video

Combining the benefits of full motion and animated video, Variable Video Over Voice allows organizations to deliver attention getting videos utilizing known personalities, and still update new content over time by inserting new audio content over stock video and graphics.

Animated Variable Video

Animated video technology provides incredible leverage to the PersoniCom platform. Utilizing the PersoniCom Voice Recording Studio, audio content is created which is later fed into our animation engine to create life-like lip synchronization and character movements. Once the animation is created, new content can easily be inserted in a fraction of the time required for full motion video shoots. PersoniCom Animated Variable Videos are a great solution for those that need to constantly update content over time.